Explaining the Chiropractic Paradigm in 4 Easy Steps.


Chiropractic focuses on the Vitalistic paradigm of health and life care. Vitalism acknowledges that nature is intelligent. For instance; have you ever noticed that in nature things revolve around set patterns? Spring follows winter, which is followed by summer and then autumn… how the plants know how and when to grow and the birds naturally migrate? Our bodies do the same; food gets digested in a certain way, your heart rate goes up when you exercise, your eyes adapt to changes in light. This all happens without you even having to think about it!



When the body has everything it needs and is free from interference, it will function really well, like nature intended it. The most ‘intelligent’ part of our body is our brain and spinal cord and because it is such a sensitive and soft part of the body, it is protected by the skull and vertebrae, as well as soft connective tissue called meninges. Research also suggests that not only does the vertebrae work in protecting the spinal cord; normal movement of the vertebrae stimulates the brain to function normally. Chiropractors are specifically trained to remove any blockage of movement that might occur in this system, allowing your brain and body to work as it should.



Although a lot of people might come to us with some form of ailment or symptom, the truth is that we do not treat any of these symptoms, but rather look for the underlying dysfunction. To me a symptom is an expression of a body that is not working the way it should… and my aim is to find out where that dysfunction is. When you allow nature to work as it is intended to, you can get really amazing results. Although a lot of people think that chiropractic might give them fast relief of their problem, I do believe that our true power lies in long term care and maintenance of the human frame.



People who choose for chiropractic over the conventional medical route tends to use less medication and undergo less surgeries than their peers. Chiropractic care is a incredibly sustainable form of health care. Not only does this mean that it is more cost effective in the long term, but will result in better quality of life... and at the end of the day, wealth is health!