Chiropractic focuses on what is right in your body not what is wrong in your body.


Our goal at Glow Chiropractic is to re- awaken you to the inner wisdom and power of your body and its ability to heal and organise. 

Our weekly talk is for everyone that would like to understand how their bodies and healing works and will empower you with the knowledge to take you to a new level of health. The talks are held EVERY MONDAY at 19:30 at Glow Chiropractic

Topics covered:

  • Health vs Sickness; what is the difference

  • The Intelligence of the Human Body

  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology

  • Why do we get sick?

  • Why does my spine get stuck?

  • Healing Symptoms

  • Retracing

  • How I can help my body heal faster?

This talk is free and open to everyone!